08 Feb, 2021

Arashi Shibori with Onion Skins

08 Feb, 2021

I miss taking in-person classes. The interaction of learning with teachers and fellow students is hard to replace with zoom meetings. When classes were cancelled during Covid, I decided to skip the zoom learning opportunities and work thru my numerous Shibori reference books instead.

Dyeing with onion skins starts in the kitchen! Also, ask your local grocer to save them for you.
Place onion skins in a pot and simmer for about an hour. Turn off heat and let cool overnight.
Prepare your fabric for arashi (pole wrap) Shibori. Measure the circumference of the pole you are using (I used a PVC tube). Stitch a tube in your prepared-for-dyeing fabric slightly larger than the circumference measurement of the pole. Insert pole into stitched cylinder created in the fabric, scrunching it tightly as you go. It should be a very snug fit so the scrunching stays in place. Soak prepared fabric on tube in water.
Remove onion skins from dye bath, insert soaked tube with fabric and simmer for 90 minutes.
Remove from dye bath, rinse, let dry. Remove fabric from tube, remove stitching, rinse, hand wash with a mild soap. Hang to dry and iron if needed.

My finished onion dyed silk scarf. Available for purchase – https://checkout.square.site/buy/JI2TUQM5POFIDTXLYF7J2MXA

Next blog post will be the first of a series of indigo dyed pieces using various shibori techniques. Please join me!



  • Kipp Inglis February 08, 2021

    Beautiful, Beki!! I love playing with that technique and I also miss in person learning, especially workshops with fellow dyers playing around to teach each other!


  • janith February 09, 2021

    So gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I, too, look forward to in-person classes.


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