15 Feb, 2021

Ne-maki Shibori with Indigo

15 Feb, 2021

This starts a series of shibori techniques with indigo. But first, I want to show you an indigo dyed cotton scarf/shawl using arashi shibori techniques. The process was shown in detail on the last blog post, but this one I used indigo dye.

Ne-maki shibori is a tied and/or resist method to create designs and patterns on cloth. Shapes, such as circles, can be tied with thread alone or you can also tie objects into the cloth.

This tied and resist method works well with kids. Objects used as resists can be found rocks and shells, beads, corks or marbles. You can tie the object into the cloth with string or thread, but I usually use rubber bands.

After preparing your cloth with your resists and ties, dip into your indigo vat. The more times you dip and let the cloth oxidize the deeper the blue will become. It’s a slow process but worth it. Rinse with the ties in place and let dry. When dry, remove the ties and resists and rinse thoroughly. Hang to dry. Iron if needed.

Scarf or shawl measures 21”x72”.

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