22 Feb, 2021

Ori-Nui Shibori with Indigo

22 Feb, 2021

This week I wanted to show a stitch resist type of shibori. One of my favorites is ori-nui. The running stitches are worked parallel to a single fold of fabric. By varying the length of your stitches and working at different distances from the fold you can create a wide range of looks.

I used a stencil to create the fold lines on my fabric. You could mark the lines however you wish.

Draw your lines with a water soluble marker (sold at any fabric store). Fold the fabric on the marked line and sew thru both layers of fabric parallel to the fold using a running stitch. You decide the length of stitches to use and how far away from the fold you want the stitches to be.

After all of the running stitches are completed, tightly gather and tie very secure knots. You don’t want the stitching to come loose during the dyeing process!

Dip in your indigo vat at least 3 times. The more dips the deeper the blue. Let dry.

Rinse thoroughly until the excess indigo is gone and the water is clear. Remove stitching and hand wash with a mild soap. Hang to dry.

This pattern reminds me of a dental x-ray!

If you are interested in purchasing, here is the link https://checkout.square.site/buy/D3V2JMGOMKAGEVDAKRJEGBPRR


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