Week 2 Refashion Runway

The challenge this week was The 1970s.

I found a pair of white cotton drapery panels at the thrift store. The perfect weight for aprons!
Arashi or pole wrapping shibori combined with indigo dye creates stripes.
The peace sign and halo were stitched and gathered tightly before dyeing in my indigo vat.

A unique feature of the indigo vat is the fabric turns green in the dye and turns blue when it is removed from the dye bath and oxidizes. Quite magical!

The hands of an indigo dyer.

I have grown to love handstitching. The perfectly imperfect topstitch is a detail I add frequently to my natural dyed wearable art.

The rust colored thread is natural dyed with madder roots.
My 1970’s inspired apron.


  • Sue Tenney February 06, 2020

    Amazing work and creativity Beki!!!


    • Beki Biesterfelt February 06, 2020

      Thanks Sue! Don’t forget to vote.


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