Week 3: Refashion Runway

Wow! It’s already the third week of this upcycling adventure. Both weeks 1and 2 I’ve finished in fourth place. It is a lot of fun and I love the challenge.

This week was the faux fur challenge. I had made my mom this fur probably 20 years ago and she wasn’t wearing it much anymore so I added it to my stash thinking I’d use it for collar, cuffs and small projects.

I’m sure glad I didn’t cut into it! It was perfect for this challenge. I decided to make a vest using the wrong side as the right side with the fur side towards the body.

I felted down some thrifted wool skirts and pants to use for wool applique. Washed in hot soapy water with lots of agitation and dried in a hot dryer.

Added some leftover chenille yarn from a previous project and pinned the wool appliqués in place

The hook & eyes and snaps were harvested from the wool skirts and pants before felting.

I used the fur sleeves for boot toppers and the rolled brim on the hat. The crown of the hat was from a black fur collar removed from a coat.


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